American Bred Champion


14136 AU 10 GOLD

AU NATIONAL 3rd Marathon Triple Crown Ace,
13th Marathon Ace, 21st Long Distance Ace(2013)

14136 FRAMED

Northern Lights National Show , Under AU judges 1st Old hen (2017)

Retired to stock loft  (2016)  1st Old hen MM Show (16)

 4th 500mi. 124-B   4th 500mi.150-B MIS N-Section  5th 500mi. 284-B MIS              5th 511mi. 201-B  9th 511mi. 257-B MIS N-Section  32th 511mi.626-B MIS  (2015)

 1st Old hen Viking Show  1st Old hen MM Show (2014)

 1st Marathon Triple Crown Ace  1st Marathon Ace  2nd Long Distance Ace  13th 500mi.142-B MIS N-Section 1st 600mi. 211-B    1st 600mi.185-B MIS N -Section   2nd 600mi.304-B MIS (2013)

 3rd Marathon Triple Crown Ace  6th Marathon Ace  1st Long Distance Ace 
10th 432mi.161-B  23rd 432mi.261-B MIS N Section 41st 432mi.535-B MIS

 9th 200mi.106-B   7th 400mi.256-B  8th 400mi.302-B MIS N Section  13th 400mi.515-B MIS  1st Yearling hen   Grand Champion MN. State Show   1st Yearling hen Viking Show  (2011)

 69th 200mi.657-B (2010)


American Bred Champion


5951 AU 11 VIK 

1st 300mi.231-B  Only D-bird

 3rd Marathon Ace(13) 1st Long Distance Ace(13)


 5th 600mi. 252-B     5h 600mi.287-B MIS N Section   5th 600mi.312-B MIS
 6th 511mi. 164-B     6th 511mi.233-B MIS N Section   10th 511mi.477-B MIS 
 AU NATIONAL MN. 3rd Marathon  Retired to stock loft  (2016)

  20th 511mi. 201-B  34th 511mi.257-B MIS N Section  77th 511mi.626-B MIS  (2015)

  7th 430mi.224-B   6th 430mi.269-B  N-SECTION  17th 430mi.624-B MIS  3rd 600mi. 211-B   3rd 600mi.185-B MIS N Section  4th 600mi.304-B MIS   1st Long Distance Ace   4th Marathon Ace MN. 11th Marathon Ace  3rd Long Distance Ace (2013)

1st 300mi.231-B  Only D-bird  1st 300mi.297-B MIS  1st 230mi.344-B 
1st 230mi.470-B MIS  3rd 230mi.265-B   3rd 230mi.390-B MIS Champion Bird (2012)

American Bred Champion

" Twin's Sisters"

2864 AU 09 VIK

NATIONAL AU 2nd Marathon Ace (2012)


1st 500mi.155-B  1st 500mi.181-B MIS N-Section  12th 500mi.338-B MIS
1st 600mi.217-B   2nd 600mi.251-B MIS N-Section  2nd 600mi.317-B MIS  1st Marathon Ace 

27th100mi.756-B  17th300mi.171-B  53rd230mi.514-B  80th600mi.401-B  D-Bird 600mi.401-B (2010)

Hawk Killed  2009-2013

American Bred Champion

" Twin's Sisters"

2865 AU 09 VIK

Reserve Champion MN. State Show  (2011)


  Retired to stock loft (2016)

4th 600mi. 219-B  5th 600mi.222-B MIS N-Section  8th 600mi.302-B MIS (2014)

1st Old hen Viking Show  15th 600mi. 211-B   15th 600mi.185-B MIS N-Section  19th 600mi.304-B MIS  (2013)

1st Old hen Viking Show   13th 432mi.161-B  26th 432mi.261-B MIS N-Section  45th 432mi.535-B MIS  (2012)

Reserve Champion MN. State Show  18th300mi.246-B  14th600mi.319-B 15th600mi.351-B MIS-N Section  20th600mi.458-B MIS (2011)

36th400mi.335-B   42nd400mi.365-B  MIS-N Section  65th400mi.565-B MIS  27th100mi.756-B  (2010)

37th100mi.983-B  (2009)

American Bred Champion

"Night Lady"

2843 AU 09 VIK

1st State Race   (2012)

2843 Framed

18th 600mi. 211-B  18th 600mi.185-B MIS N Section 23rd 600mi.304-B MIS 11th511mi.148-B  31st 511mi.419-B MIS 5th Marathon Triple Crown Ace 
5th Marathon Ace  8th Long Distance Ace AU NATIONAL 25th Marathon Ace MN. 7th Marathon Triple Crown Ace 13th Marathon Ace  13th Long Distance Ace

1st 511mi.221-B  1st 511 State Race  1st 511mi.300-B MIS N Section 7th 511mi. 597-B MIS 5th 432mi.161-B     15th 432mi.261-B MIS N Section 27th 432mi.535-B MIS  (2012)

15th 511mi.281-B 16th 511mi.332-B MIS N-Section 21st 511mi. 550-B MIS (2011)

38th 600mi.401-B   39th 600mi.359-B MIS N-Section  48th 600mi. 518-B MIS  (2010)
46th150mi.1345-B  (2009)

   Hawk 09-2014

American Bred Champion

"Bacon "

4260 AU 10 VIK

1st 400 miles  (2011)


8th 600mi. 211-B 6th 600mi.185-B MIS N Section 10th 600mi.304-B MIS 7th Marathon Ace  (2013)

4th 300mi.123-B  (2012)

1st 400mi.256-B 1st 400mi.302-B MIS N Section 1st 400mi.515-B MIS Out front by 1 1/2 hours (2011)

American Bred Champion


5987 AU 09 VIK

AU NATIONAL 3rd Marathon Triple Crown Ace (2014)


AU NATIONAL  3rd Marathon Triple Crown Ace  9th Marathon Ace (2014)  MN 1st Marathon Triple Crown Ace 1st Marathon Ace  1st Long Distance Ace 1st All Distance Ace  Bird of the Year   3rd 600mi.219-B  4th 600mi. 222-B MIS N-Section  7th 600mi.302-B MIS  3rd 500mi.134-B  4th 500mi.152-B N-Section 22nd 500mi.339-B(14)MIS   4th 500mi.84-B   19th 500mi.118-B N-Section   (2014)

8th100mi.173-B   8th100mi.173-B MIS  12th 511mi.148-B   33rd 511mi.419-B MIS   (2013)


American Bred Champion


3234 AU 98 VIK

1st Midwest National Classic Race Overall Winner  1999

Concourse top20% 19th 500mi. 379-Birds Only 28 Day Birds 1st Midwest National Classic Race Overall Winner; Competing against 100 thru 750 miles. 15states, 444-lofts, 5,715 Birds 1st MN. 2,216-Birds 153-lofts, 1st 400mi.Class 1043-Birds 81lofts, 1st 400mi. Concourse 778-Birds 59 lofts. 6-Days Later: 1st 600mi. Day-Bird 593-Bird (1999)

First race broke his keel, out for the year (2000)

Sister/nest mate 3235 AU98VIK "Steady Nettie" 1st 600mi. Concourse winner Day Bird, 825-Birds 65 lofts(2000)

40th 500mi. 739-Birds 25th 400mi.488-Birds 11th 500mi .492-Birds 8th 432mi.833-Birds 9th Midwest National Classic Race Overall 1927-Birds 128-lofts, 2nd AU-Long Ace Bird AU National4th Long Distance Ace (2001)

28th 500mi. 457-Birds 27th 600mi. Day-Bird 640-Birds (2002)

31st 500mi.353-Birds (2003)

Retired to the stock loft (2004)

Bred 3667 AU 02 VIK 200mi.1st Concourse 1,603 Birds (2003)

Bred 1167 AU 05 AHPI 1st 300 Special $$$$ (2005)

American Bred Champion


2155 AU 04 VIK

AU National Ace Pigeon Awards  (2006)


97th 100mi.1532-Birds (2004)

4th 300mi. 766-Birds  1st 200mi. 777-Birds (2005)

2nd 500mi. 411-Birds  2nd 500mi. 378-Birds   5th 600mi. 474-Birds 1st Marathon Triple Crown Ace 1st Marathon Ace,  1st Long Distance Ace, Champion Bird of the Year  (2006)

AU National Ace Pigeon Awards Old Bird Season 1st Place Marathon Triple Crown Ace 1st Place Long Distance Ace,  2nd Place Marathon Ace  (2006)

Racing Pigeon Digest North American Ace Old Birds 1st Place AU 04 VIK 2155 BC H "Legal Limit" 179.55 (2006)

HURT WING; Out for (2007)

47th 500 mi. 337-B  (2008)

 7th 500mi. 343-B  11th 500mi.672-B M-I-S & State Race (2009)

Retired to the stock loft (2009)

American Bred Champion


4434 AU 05 VIK

Bro: 4433 1st 400mi. & 3rd 300mi.(06)  Daughter VIK 2809 AU National 11th  Marathon Ace  (2010)


Concourse top20%   28th 100mi. 252-Birds  5th 150mi. 266-Birds  98th 300mi. 815-Birds (2005)

23rd 400mi. 350-Birds  12th 230mi. 463-Birds  49th 300mi. 454-Birds  4th 600mi. 474-Birds UPR Ace Pigeon All Distance (2006)

2nd equal first 300 mi. 656-Birds  3RD 432 mi. 380-Birds  1st 600 mi. 477 Birds   Champion Bird of the Year (2007)

Retired to the stock loft (2007)  2005-2011

American Bred Champion

"LUCKY 13"

7761 AU 03 VIK

AU National 13th Marathon Triple Crown Ace


Concourse top 20%  21st 100mi.348-B (2003)

27th 100mi. 277-B (2004)

4th 500mi.490-B 38th 500mi.416-B  44th 600mi.540-B  1st Marathon Triple Crown Ace,  1st Minnesota,  1st Plains,  AU National 13th Marathon Triple Crown Ace (2005)

Hawk hit 3/2006  12th 400mi.350-B (2006)


American Bred Champion



0486 AU 96 VIK

AU National, 3rd Marathon Triple Crown Ace (2002)  

Concourse top 20%

34th 400mi.690-B  24th 600mi.710-B (2003)

6th 500mi.457-B  45th 500mi.355-B  8th 600mi.640-B  (2002)

43rd 500mi.739-B  52nd 600mi.706-B (2001)

39th 500mi.617-B  14th 442mi.778-B (1999)