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       My family is made up of the Old Line Stassart/Sion/Fabry. Years of trial & error has produced winners @ long, short, fast & slow races, from100 thru 600 they win @ every distance. (This is truly a family) This family is winning for a number of loft in this area and all over the USA Placing 3 of the top 5 places in 1998 concourse 600mi. by 3-different guys. Started; 1966 with two young scrubs from the railroad tracks. 1969 Started racing young birds. I Never missed a season of racing. 420 AU71SSS; 1972 10th Concourse 200mi 1028 Birds 65 lofts, 1973 2nd Concourse 500 mile 402 birds 57 lofts. His first Youngsters was 2nd 200mi Auction $$$ race special. 275 AU79STP was given to Cleo/Wife by our good friend; Julius Ganzer  other birds, and always came back to these 2-cocks. 420 & 275 are the Foundation, This blood runs throughout the family, a lot of inbreeding/line breeding.

Placed in top ten, young & old birds Combined average speeds, throughout the 80's. Now in my5th decade; of being in the top ten every year, excluding (83,84,&98)

Starting 1980 6th Average speed young birds Concourse. 1st Average speed O-B & YB,

1981-3rd, 82-4th, 83/84 relocated 85-4th,86-3rd, 87-3rd, 88-2nd, 89-4th.

1990 1st Average speed O-B & YB, 91-1st, 92-1st, 93-1st, 94-2nd, 95-no report, 96-6th, 97-6th & 1st Short Average speed, 1998-illness birds, 99-1st. Winning 1st Long Average speed 91-92-93-99  Winning 1st old bird combined Average speed 90-91-92-93-992000 8th Average speed O-B & Y-B, 3rd-01, 7th-02, 3rd-03, 2nd-04, 1st-05, 1st-06, 1st-07, 2nd-08, 3rd-09, 1st-10,  1st-11,  1st-12,  1st-13,  1st-14,  1st-15,  1st-16, 1st-17  2000 8th Long Average speed, 3rd-01, 7th-02, 6th-03, 3rd-04, 3rd-05, 1st-06, 1st-07, 4th-08, 5th-09, 1st-10, 3rd-11,  1st-12,  1st-13,  2nd-14,   1st-15, 1st-16,  1st-17, Young Bird Average speed, 91-4th 92-11th 93-20th 94-2nd 95-5th 96-11th 97-7th 98-7th 99-22nd 00-11th 01-11th   02-12th 03-29th 04-23rd   05-4th 06-11th 07-8th 08-10th 09-3rd 10-8th 11-1st  12-2nd  13-6th,  14-6th, 15-16th,  16-3rd, 17-10th,

"FAST EDDIE" 3234-AU98VIK on 6/12/99 19th 500mi.379 Birds only 28 day birds, his sister 3235 was 23rd that day. "FAST EDDIE" 6/26/99 1st Topeka 432mi 778-Birds,1st 400mi.section 2284Birds 177Lofts 1st Midwest National Classic 15-States 444-Lofts 5,715-Birds and only 6-Days Later 7/2/991st 600mi 593-Birds,Concourse! 1998-2014. I named this bird after my Father, (Edward) who saw him that day come in from 600 miles race. 3-days later he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Passed away (1999)