Pigeons that Excel @ Long Distance 

         In our concourse, the 600-mile race is the Super Bowl of pigeon flying.  Averaging over 500 pigeons a race. A number of good competitors.  This distance maximizes the pigeon to their full potential, 15 or more hours on the wing.  Thatís a dayís work! Even on the days, weather conditions are at its best, only a small majority can accomplish this task.  Sure, the next morning and through out the day, the majority of the birds return.  Nevertheless, it is my belief if they do not return on the day too many variables can account for the early bird!  When you get out past 600 miles, everything has to be perfect to get a 700-mile day bird.  That is why I am a firm believer that a 600 mile race is the perfect test for a pigeon.  Most pigeons are not capable of performing 10 to15 hours on the wing. In the past three years, 1999-593 Birds, 2000-825 birds, and 2001- 859 birds, the winning pigeon clocked in about 13 hours! The number of birds home on the day, was still under 10 percent. What bigger thrills, to see one of these magnificent birds appear in the sky, with the wings set!

That is Beautiful!

 Then caring, training, feeding, and cleaning coops just do not seem to matter.

I have been racing pigeonís since 1969 and still, Ií am amazed and thrilled every time!

By Paul Rudolph