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 Paul Rudolph

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 Bob Capitola

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Steve Lawler

My family is made up of the Old Line Stassart/Sion/Fabry. Years of trial & error has produced winners @ long, short, fast & slow races, from100 thru 600 they win @ every distance. (This is truly a family)

This family is winning for a number of loft in this area and all over the USA Placing 3 of the top 5 places in 1998 concourse 600mi. by 3-different guys.

Started; 1966 with two young scrubs from the railroad tracks. 1969 Started racing young birds. I Never missed a season of racing.

420 AU71SSS; 1972 10th Concourse 200mi 1028 Birds 65 lofts, 1973 2nd Concourse 500 mile 402 birds 57 lofts. His first Youngsters was 2nd 200mi Auction $$$ race special.

275 AU79STP was given to Cleo/Wife by our good friend; Julius Ganzer

Tried other birds, and always came back to these 2-cocks. 420 & 275 are the Foundation, This blood runs throughout the family, a lot of inbreeding/line breeding.

I use only Concourse or better placing, so not to confuse the issue.

Placed in top ten, young & old birds Combined average speeds, throughout the 80's. Now in my4th decade; of being in the top ten every year, excluding (83,84,&98)

Starting 1980 6th Average speed young birds Concourse.  1st Average speed O-B & YB, 1981-3rd, 82-4th, 83/84 relocated 85-4th,86-3rd, 87-3rd, 88-2nd, 89-4th.

1990 1st Average speed O-B & YB, 91-1st, 92-1st, 93-1st, 94-2nd, 95-no report, 96-6th, 97-6th & 1st Short Average speed, 1998-illness birds, 99-1st.

Winning 1st Long Average speed 91-92-93-99  Winning 1st old bird combined Average speed 90-91-92-93-99

2000 8th Average speed O-B & Y-B, 3rd-01, 7th-02, 3rd-03, 2nd-04, 1st-05, 1st-06, 1st-07, 2nd-08, 3rd-09, 1st-10,  1st-11,  1st-12,  1st-13,  1st-14,  1st-15,  1st-16, 1st-17

2000 8th Long Average speed, 3rd-01, 7th-02, 6th-03, 3rd-04, 3rd-05, 1st-06, 1st-07, 4th-08, 5th-09, 1st-10, 3rd-11,  1st-12,  1st-13,  2nd-14,   1st-15, 1st-16,  1st-17,

Young Bird Average speed, 91-4th 92-11th 93-20th 94-2nd 95-5th 96-11th 97-7th 98-7th 99-22nd 00-11th 01-11th   02-12th 03-29th 04-23rd   05-4th 06-11th 07-8th 08-10th 09-3rd 10-8th 11-1st  12-2nd  13-6th,  14-6th, 15-16th,  16-3rd, 17-10th,

Averaging 500 to 2,500 Birds.

"FAST EDDIE" 3234-AU98VIK on 6/12/99 19th 500mi.379 Birds only 28 day birds, his sister 3235 was 23rd that day. "FAST EDDIE" 6/26/99 1st Topeka 432mi 778-Birds,1st 400mi.section 2284Birds 177Lofts 1st Midwest National Classic 15-States 444-Lofts 5,715-Birds and only 6-Days Later 7/2/991st 600mi 593-Birds,Concourse! 1998-2014. I named this bird after my Father, (Edward) who saw him that day come in from 600 miles race. 3-days later he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Passed away 11/4/99.

This family of birds, won 3 out of 5 Topeka 432mi in the Concourse 95,96,99.   Winning the 600 mile Races 91,92,93,99,00,07,12,13, 3-Times 1st & 2nd.

My contribution back to the Racing Pigeon Sport

Liberator for a number of years for the Twin City Concourse.

Twin City Concourse Board of Director 15 years; 2 as Chairman; 3 as Vice Chairman.

Viking Club President a number of times.

1st Vice President of The Midwest Homing Pigeon Association

Midwest CO-Chairman (1994)

Midwest CO-Chairman then going to New York and purchasing the Concourse trailer (2007)

Minnesota. Sectional Midwest Race Secretary

Twin City Concourse Race Secretary

Minnesota Invitational Series Race Secretary

Minnesota Invitational Series Web Site Designer

 Twin City Concourse Web Site Designer